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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Food FISA Fight!

Jane Hamsher at FireDogLake
has alerted us to a coalition of bloggers and citizens concerned with the way the FISA battles are tilting in Congress (link on over to her post):
Enough is enough.

The deal that's been cut by the Democratic leadership to give George Bush everything he wants and grant retroactive immunity to the telecoms is an outrageous betrayal of the public trust. With the passage of this bill, we'll never be able to discover the extent of the lawbreaking that the Bush Administration and the telecos engaged in as they spied on American citizens.

So we're joining together with some strange bedfellows indeed -- the ACLU, the Break the Matrix folks (who did the money bombs for the Ron Paul campaign), and others we are in discussions with to go after the people responsible for this travesty. The ACLU has a press release here.
If you have a blog, you can join the fight.

Update: Simon Owens of Bloggasm has alerted me to a post he as done wherein he reports on his interviews with members of the food FISA fight coalition. It's interesting and very encouraging.

Update II: Well, it looks the deal went down. Thanks, Steny, Blue Dogs, Bush Dogs, just, well, dogs. Jane says we're Screwed, Blued, and Tattooed:
...We'll never know what happened. We'll never know the extent of the lawbreaking. That possibility will be gone forever...

We've now raised $207,573 $211,433 to exact a pound of flesh from Democrats who did this.
Here's to making a difference.

Update III: Will Obama weigh in?

Update IV: Oh, bollocks.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Is Bug Juice The New Crude?

Bug Juice
Apparently we've created critters that take their nutrients and go straight to crude oil, without the inconvenient eras of incubation this normally requires. From the article:
...The company claims that this “Oil 2.0” will not only be renewable but also carbon negative – meaning that the carbon it emits will be less than that sucked from the atmosphere by the raw materials from which it is made.
At the risk of being tagged a knee-jerk curmudgeon on this subject (heh), I predict a spike of interest in this before this shiny object goes the way of biofuels, for pretty much the same reasons. Sure, processing wood chips instead of corn removes the obvious stigma of food abuse, but bio is bio, with all of the attendant conservation-of-energy issues (per-annum solar, people!).

I would also like to explore where the, er, "surplus" carbon ends up in this process. Might be important...
Anything will do as long as it can be broken down into sugars, with the byproduct ideally burnt to produce electricity to run the plant.
Hmm... is this a clue?

A friend of mine emailed me this question:
Crazy, what if they get out, we end up with crude oil all over the place?
A fair question. I pointed out that the GM scientists probably took that into consideration... but then again, we've all seen Jurassic Park.

And then there's this...