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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Janet For VP?

Janet & Joe

Is Janet Napolitano, Governor of Arizona, positioning herself to be more palatable as the Democratic Vice President pick?
An executive order signed by Gov. Janet Napolitano has prompted state police to cancel a $1.6 million agreement with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office and, instead, use the money to create a fugitive task force.

The move effectively stripped two squads of Sheriff's Office deputies from a statewide multiagency team designed to go after crimes dealing with human smuggling. It also took away Arpaio's ability to tap some of the squad members to supplement immigration sweeps at the state's expense.
The odious "Sheriff Joe" Arpaio is a notorious media grandstander. His hubris and reflexive hunger for attention could well make this a nationally visible spat, and that would serve to escalate the governor's name recognition nationally, which is, currently, puzzlingly low for a female governor of a largely conservative Southwestern state.

In addition, her pushback against the jingoistic Maricopa County sheriff could help burnish her progressive credentials, a side of her not exactly trumpeted in her gubernatorial runs in this marginally Red state.

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