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Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This cheered me up some today (my bold):
...Were there only a big man with a big stick somewhere up there, I'd go back to the bedtime prayers of my youth and ask him to whack the shit out of George W. Bush and his corporate minions who have done more damage to this country in eight years than any thinking intelligent person could have imagined.

You wouldn't guess this from a former conservative who will never forgive himself for voting Bush into office two times. Only in the last couple of years has the ether finally started to wear off... how our ilk have consistently selected to leadership those who have the greatest capacity and willingness to bend us over and screw us the hardest without mercy or regret.

So why the about face? In short, it was a fortuitous immersion in the very bullshit conservative media shit storm of talk radio that finally convinced me that I was very much on the wrong track... Hour after hour, day after day, months into years. That kind of tiresome, repetitive exposure to "The Right" should long ago have solidly entrenched me on their side.

But something very different happened. The more I heard them talk, the more I realized what a disconnect I was observing between their lying bullshit and what I was observing around me. I was witnessing the general deterioration of the lives of hard-working people around me, simultaneously coming to see and know just how corrupt and evil are those we vote and depend on for leadership and security. Everything the talking heads on the right warned us about liberals and progressives never materialized. Most everything they promised would happen to our country in the honest capable hands of good conservative leadership never happened either...

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