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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jeffrey Sachs Believes In Fairy Dust, Too

Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University and author of Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet, was on Real Time with Bill Maher (h/t Crooks & Liars), and rather glibly pronounces:
...a small part of the Mohave Desert could provide more than half of the electricity needs of the United States without emitting any carbon dioxide, just using the solar power that's available...
Yes, all of that solar energy is just going to waste, baking sand. And it would have absolutely no effect on the climate whatsoever to begin diverting that energy to the vastly more important work of transportation and artificial climate control.

We humans clearly have a vast amount of humble pie to consume before we find our proper place on this planet. Need you add crow to the menu, sir?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Look Over There! Something Shiny!

Muzzled By FAA:
Air traffic controllers in the main tower of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport saw last night's bizarre spectacle of red lights flying across North Valley skies, but the Federal Aviation Administration won't let them talk to the media.


I'd like a rational explanation for these new lights, and soon -- because the media abhors a vacuum. And there are plently of people who will come out the woodwork to fill that vacuum with all sorts of ungrounded nonsense...
What Mr. Stern said.

For those of us who would prefer to avoid fantastical speculation (me), this is just stupid. Or rather, for those of us inclined towards donning the tin-foil hat (also me), it's quite ingenious. Regardless of whether this is some odd natural meteorological phenomenon or whatever, the optics of the guvmint refusing to permit "official" eyewitnesses to speak to the news media smacks of intentional public incitement.

The only two possible explanations that any reasonable observer can offer are that either there is really something to hide, or that some want us to think there is something to hide.

In light of recently observed behaviour, I'm inclined towards the latter position. Unless there is someone out there smarter than me who can point to a third option... and please keep in mind Occam's razor if you do.

Update: For those who might say that paranoia regarding government motivation violates Occam's razor, I would point out that in times like these, it makes perfect sense to keep the population distracted and unbalanced.