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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Systemic Spinelessness vs...

I really have been thinking, of late, that there must be some sort of blackmail skulduggery going on protecting this administration from accountability via the Legislative branch. I mean, really, these guys are parading High Crimes & Misdemeanors in Macy's window, so to speak, and with gusto. But my tinfoil-hattedness gets dissed again, as John Conyers reluctantly explains to a persistent questioner that it's his friggin' job he worries about (h/t Bear Republic Action Group.) From the video:
...there must be some compelling reason why I'm not doing it right now...

...if we started an impeachment hearing that didn't succeed...they would say that
[Cheney? Bush?] is being demonized...they would take that right into the election of 2008...
What about Kucinich? he is asked. Well, he recognizes the rights of Kucinich and Wexler, but he's "the Chairman."

Flop sweat over his power position. And I thought it would require photos of a dead woman or a live boy.

A grim reminder that these people we elect to represent us all too often are more concerned with #1 than with, well, us.

They probably don't all start out that way, but that's what elections are for. *sigh*

Hey, Michigan - I know that having a Representative with an impressive tenure such as Conyers' is powerful medicine, but it would be nice if power-clutchers like Conyers got slapped for self-interest over their actual job description. It might offset their fear of rebuke for failing at trying to do the right thing.

(This coming from an Arizonan, with the senior Senator McCain. Doh!)

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