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Friday, October 26, 2007

Really, Al...

...if you don't plan to jump in this fall, maybe you should tell us sooner rather than later.
We know Gore can do the job. And we know we want Obama. Imagine these two smart, visionary people leading the country back to where it belongs. Back to greatness. Do you believe in justice? Do you believe it's possible? Do you believe that we can make dreams come true? Do you believe we can make America great again?

A constituency of broken hearts is not a very useful constituency.

[This is a reposting from July, apropos the fast approaching deadline for Mr. Gore to credibly jump into the race. I've been lax in posting due to economic distractions, but I hope to put them behind me soon...]

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

"Don't You Wish It Was True"

A little brain balm from John Fogerty's new album Revival.
...But if tomorrow
Everybody under the sun was happy just to live as one
No borders or battles to be won
But if tomorrow
Everybody was your friend
Happiness would never end
Lord, don't you wish it was true...