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Friday, August 10, 2007

The New "A.B.B."

Anybody But Bush
2004 "Anybody But Bush" Campaign Button
The DNC has launched a campaign aimed at the Iowa primaries, None Of The Above: Republican Candidate For President (via Crooks and Liars.) Its humourous value alone justifies it, certainly, and I hope they have better luck with that than those of us who jumped on the "A.B.B." campaign. (In all fairness, this appears to be limited to the Republican primary, thereby simultaneously avoiding burying the Democratic candidate's name, as the "A.B.B" one did, and jacking the humour value up even more.)

I gave out dozens of those "A.B.B." buttons in '04. It was a lot of fun, too - the president enjoyed more popularity at that time, so confrontations were sweet.

George Bush was elected anyway.

(It looks like they're actually taking donations for the DNC, through the site - one hopes that noone is boneheaded enough to be confused by this...)

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