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Friday, July 20, 2007

YearlyKos Convention '07 - Ask The Candidates

YearlyKos '06
Photo of YearlyKos '06 © Lenny Lind
Christy points us to a webform where we can suggest questions to be asked of the candidates attending YearlyKos '07 (confirmed so far to attend are Sen. Hillary Clinton, Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Mike Gravel, Sen. Barack Obama, Gov. Bill Richardson, and Sen. Christopher Dodd.)
My question for the (regrettably) leading candidate, Hillary (but frankly meant for any corporatist candidate):
You have been elected President, now fully briefed and advised on the state of the nation, and it has been revealed to you that without aggressive policies geared towards securing a continuing flow of relatively cheap energy, the United States faces dire, if not terminal, economic stress. As Chief Executive, would you continue with this policy, or would you raise a moral objection to this and force the US to "take its medicine?" And, if the former, would you be willing to do this transparently, so the United States population would have the opportunity to either reject this policy or to take "ownership" of it?
Go on over there and submit your own question - you might get lucky and hear it asked!

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