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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Surveillance Society

This, from Raw Story:
...In a scene eerily reminiscent of Orwell's dystopian vision of 1984, loudspeakers in one small-town center in northern Britain scold anyone they catch engaged in “anti-social behaviour,” including littering, drunkenness, or fighting.


The “speaker cam” may be only the first in a row of new surveillance techniques to emerge in the British public sphere... police and officials are discussing the widespread installation on pre-existing cameras of highly sensitive microphones that can detect “aggressive tones” based on the decibel, pitch, and speed of words spoken...

Citing a leaked memo from a January meeting of the Home Office, the London–based daily The Sun recently revealed that the government was also considering the installation of X-ray cameras in lampposts on public streets. “Detection of weapons and explosives will become easier” the memo read, but added bluntly, “Privacy is an issue because the machines see through clothing.”

...police in the county of Merseyside unveiled Britain’s most dramatic surveillance contrivance to date: a CCTV camera that flies. Propelled by helicopter-style rotors and directed either by remote control or pre-programmed flight plans, the nearly silent two-foot drone can be outfitted with thermal-powered cameras and loudspeakers.
This is chilling stuff, and remember that the echelons of the British government rub elbows with the same interests who have the attentions of our own, U.S., elite.

This is not tinfoil-hat - this is now.

John Anderton! You look like you could use a Guinness!

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