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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Let The Market Sort It Out

This shit really pisses me off:

FTC abandons net neutrality:
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has decided to abandon net neutrality and allow telecoms companies to charge websites for access.

The FTC said in a report that, despite popular support for net neutrality, it was minded to let the market sort out the issue. [emphasis mine]
Oh, yea, the free market. It has served the public trust so very well lately, like in power and water, feeding the troops, security... oh, and the health industry.

If there is anything we should have burned into our collective DNA after this Treasury-robbing free-market-fest that has been the last six plus years, it is that the profit motive has absolutely no place in matters of public interest. Despite the purist ideological dreaming of libertarian philosophers, whereby the social Darwinism of the magical invisible hand solves all of humanities needs without all of that interference by gummint regulation, the fact remains that the profit motive is not an appropriate motive for basic human needs.

In an ideal world, no real human being would put money over the life of other human beings. Perhaps that is true in this, real, world - in which case it is clear that there are a lot of non-real human beings out there. Advocates of free-market-solves-anything libertarian thinking seem to proffer that somehow this "unnatural" greed would simply evaporate if the market became truly unfettered - implying that greed is somehow stoked by the resentment of the restraint of market.

Well, we've seen, recently, a lack of restraint which rivals the Gilded Age, and over one hundred years later the results are the same.

Net Neutrality is important because permitting the profit motive to guage the speed with which a public website or blog is accessible allows players to tweak the "prestige" of a site. If it's "fast," it must be more "professional" and "official" than that "dirty fucking hippie" website over there.

We've all suffered with what has happened with the corporate media, and recent laments over the loss of the Fairness Doctrine this past twenty years attest to that. Besides reviving some oversight of the public airwaves, it is extremely important that the people, through their goddamned representatives, exercise their responsibility for oversight of the public resource we call the Internet.

If you think things were bad right now, where do you think we'd be if these sites, along with all the others which are partially represented in the links to the right of this blog, had been relegated to slow-crawl, second- or third-tier status? The Aussie, the Mouse and their ilk would have dominated the conversation here the way they do on the television and radio which, while never having been particularly good mediums for truth, have grown conspicuously worse with the free market deregulation they have enjoyed these past decades.

Like I said, this shit really pisses me off.


  1. Your one Right Wing FriendJuly 5, 2007 at 2:32 PM

    As usual Petro has gone off his liberal bias rocker. Acting as if suddenly the airwaves would be so much cleaner if the lefties had control. The radio, the television, and yes Petrol (as in you're a gas) your mighty internet would be just as covered in crap if the lefties ran the show only now the crap would be green (because the environment trumps all) with lipstick (because we've got to make sure the men who want to be ladies are happy), and they'd kill their babies at the drop of the hat. Why not live in reality and realize that men like Murdoch, Disney, and Branson made their money because they were better at something than you, and not because they signed some evil covenant with the devil.

  2. Thanks for commenting - you make my points for me quite nicely, actually.

    Seeing as how the public airwaves belong to the public which, last time I checked, includes "righties," then I'm not sure where you concluded that I advocate for "lefties" taking control. I understand your trepidation, however - in the marketplace of ideas, vs. the marketplace of cold cash, "lefties" tend to win the day.

    As for the superior social Darwinism of the greedheads, I do not dispute that. However, it is a dated yardstick for social intercourse, one which is at the root of human calamity. I have consistently pointed out that it needs to change, for the good of all of us (including trolls).

    There. *dusts hands*

  3. Oh for Christ's sake...I'm reading and I'm digging it and then the O'Reilly loving wacko comes on and what do you do? You cower into a corner like all of us...

    Can we please all learn something from the NRA and the Anti-Abortion crowd? YOU NEVER GIVE AN INCH. It's all about the slippery slope here kids! Don't concede, don't give an inch, even when it makes sense, even when its the right thing to do...why? Glad you asked.

    Because when we do we automatically lose. We can sit here and hope with both hands that our system will undergo a market correction and go back to being good and wonderful, or we can start living in the real world, and playing the game the way its being played. The Tour de France features the best cyclists in the world, and they're the best cyclists in the world because they're all on EPO. Barry Bonds is breaking the home run record because he started shooting stuff that usually only has a minor effect on fucking race horses. Why? Because he's made more money in the last four years of his career than he made in the first 17. Play the cards that are dealt to you, even if you're dealt five Aces. That's the way to win, and frankly I'm good and ready to stop being on the 'right' team and start being on the 'winning' team. You can't govern and lead and change unless you have power, and in this day and age you don't have power unless you're ready to light a fire now and then...

    Damn it's high up on this soapbox.

  4. The FTC really made a bad decision on this one.

  5. iN2TheROSES said...
    The FTC really made a bad decision on this one.

    It's also interesting that the Federal Trade Commission made the decision. Where's the Federal Communications Commission on this? I thought it was their turf...?


  6. Oh, never mind - I had Fairness Doctrine on my mind... :)


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