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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hit Man Speaks

Secret History

Richard Power at Words of Power has a short interview with John Perkins on the occasion of his new book, The Secret History of the American Empire. I have not yet read this new book, but I enjoyed the eye-opening Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by the same author. Perkins worked for decades as a sort of corporate enabler, observing, documenting, and sometimes wielding the blunt, rusty axe of profitability and Empire around the world. Power:
Bush and Cheney, as offensive as they are to many of us -- left, right and center -- did not emerge suddenly, as if from nowhere. They did not amass such power, with so much impunity and hubris, over night. Bush and Cheney, and the Cult formerly known as the Republican Party are the end result of granting corporations the rights of human individuals and declaring that money is free speech. These two delusional notions have led us into a hell realm here in the USA. And getting out of it demands real change inside of ourselves especially... [emphasis on two major pet peeves of mine is, well, mine]
Perkins (excerpts from the interview):
...Most importantly we must each follow our individual passions and use our talents to create a sustainable, stable, and peaceful world...

...People want to learn the truth and they want to understand the opportunities for creating a better world...

...Let me just say that, for me, indigenous cultures have shown that when people are motivated to change, we can make it happen very quickly. Today, the world we know is threatened...

...We must convince ourselve and them that there is a more important goal and that our very survival as a species in a world we recognize depends upon achieving that goal of a sustainable, stable, and peaceful world...

...we must persuade our leaders to set a single overriding goal of creating a world our grandchildren will be proud to inherit.
John Perkins is a bit more optimistic about these things than I am (and that is a very good thing), but toddle over and read the interview, and pick up his books while you're at it.

(Thanks to Mike's Blog Round Up.)

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