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Monday, July 23, 2007

"He Collaborates With The Invaders"

I posted over a month ago how the Nationalist faction of the Iraqi Parliament, who hold a tentative majority, want us to simply get out of their country. These Nationalists, however, are characterized as destabilizers and insurgents, when the fact is that they are really the true patriots of Iraq, wishing for (gasp!) true sovereignity and control of their natural resources, as opposed to the U.S./corporatist puppet government which is being pilloried as obstructionist and do nothing - not "stepping up" so that we can leave. Well, in an amazing conversation at FireDogLake last night, an Iraqi Pediatric Oncologist joined the commenters in a no-holds-barred discussion on the occupation, and let me tell you, the doctor, Maryam, really plumbed the consciences of the FDL community. I wanted to highlight her response to a question regarding Al Maliki, a leader of this puppet government:
Al Maliki is a traitor to Islam and a traitor to Irak. He collaborates with the invaders. [preferred Anglicized spelling of "Iraq" by the doctor]
Every patriotic Iraqi gets this, and almost no American following the official line on Iraqi politics does. The "government" in Iraq which is being blamed by even the Democratic candidates for not "stepping up," it must be understood, is not considered a legitimate representation of Iraqi interests. They simply want us to get the fuck out of their country.

Got that?

I will leave out Dr. Maryam's money quote, however, as I think it deserves more context - it's a solar-plexus shot, link here to find that.

Update:TRex at FDL highlights a comment by litbrit, from which I excerpt:
...I cannot fathom the despair, the anger, and the pain she must feel after witnessing one such tragedy; after trying to care for just one child wounded in this horrific, immoral, illegal war; after looking into just one little pair of eyes searching for a mother who will never appear. It defies my imagination to even try...

Her anger must become our anger. Real anger, I mean. Not the make-nice, politics-as-usual tv anger our elected officials effect when it behooves them to have a sound bite published. Real, action-fueling anger.
What is the chance of that, by fellow countrymen? I mean - really? For the love of all that is good and holy, what is the fucking chance of that?

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