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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


The Dick
Photo: Ron Edmonds

From the Chicago Tribune's Washington bureau:
"The Office of the Vice President asserts that it is not such an “entity within the executive branch,'' Durbin said in a statement issued today. "Serious questions have been raised recently about both the legality and the appropriateness of the Vice President exempting his office from the rules that apply to all other Executive Branch officials.:

So Durbin's committee today "took the step of restricting funding for the Office of the Vice President for fiscal year 2008 unless and until they comply with the executive order."
This bill has a few hurdles to get through, of course, not the least of which is the president's signature.
C'mon, George - we all know you're annoyed with the dude. Do that passive-aggressive thang.

In the interests of full disclosure and accuracy and stuff:
Cheney can sleep well at night, in any case.

Durbin notes that funding for the official residence of the vice president comes from a different account and is not affectied by today's committee action.
Still funny, though.

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