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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Constitutional Heroes!


OK, this is getting too obvious. The fact that the White House, along with apologists within the Pentagon, is invoking executive privilege over releasing documents relating to the Tillman affair, that it has "ordered" Harriet Miers not to even show up for testimony on the USA firings, and engaged in various and well-publicized other obstructionist behaviours has led to an aha! moment.

These guys are the best watchdogs of the Constitution we have. No, really.

Particularly with this Tillman maneuver, which Jonathon Turley characterized on Countdown last night (thanks, Crooks and Liars) as being "as clever and as elegant as a meat cleaver:"
Why...why...anyone would stand on Executive privilege instead of giving a conditional waiver, I don't know. It baffles the mind.
Be not baffled. Here we have Harry Reid being forced to resurrect old-school filibuster rules against obstructionist Republican Bush-backers, the Congress is dusting off the old "Inherent Contempt" weapon against Harriet Miers (who knew about that one?), and the sheer vapidity of the Tillman stonewalling is surely going to provoke some other rad Constitutional fencing... well, it all adds up, doesn't it?

I've had these guys wrong all along. They're so disgusted with the lack of balance in our government that they're pushing the Legislative branch to drag out the strong medicine, to cure the Republic once and for all. The patriotism of these die-hard Americans, willing to send their own party into the political wilderness for possibly two generations, all for the sake of the robustness of the American Experiment, well, one could just weep.

Behold the Constitutional Heroes!

Update: Marcy at FireDogLake agrees with me... OK, not really, but she has more on the calcium supplements that the administration is providing the Congressional spine...

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