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Monday, June 25, 2007

You've Got It, Jane

If you haven’t bought Glenn’s book please do so. If you’ve got a blog, no matter how small, please put up a link. It actually takes a ridiculously small number of books (relative to total sales) to push a book to #1 on Amazon and that plays a big part in his ability to get on the NYT best seller list and gain wider notice and recognition for the tremendous amount of work he did to put this book together.
So says Jane, so it shall be.

Digby hosted a fantastic Book Salon with Glenn yesterday, and I thoroughly enjoyed lurking about there. Some amazing people showed up.

He is also the author of How Would A Patriot Act?, which is a clarifying deconstruction of this administration's assault on American civil liberties.

Support Glenn's work, and catch his column at as well.

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