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Monday, June 25, 2007

What She Said

Excerpt of Barbara O'Brien posting at Crooks and Liars:
...I’ve been hearing this charge my whole long life. In the 1960s, it was “Why don’t you dirty bleeping hippies protest the Communists?”

I can’t speak for the “international press,” but for me, the answer is “because I’m a patriot.”


...It is what a
patriot does.

I concede I haven’t blogged much about human rights abuses in Iran. I haven’t blogged much about human rights abuses in China, Cuba, Uzbekistan, or the Central African Republic, either...

But when I think my country is abusing human rights, I blog about it. I do this because I think I’m more directly responsible for what my country does than for what some other country does...
This is why writers, be they bloggers or otherwise, are so important. I thank Barbara for eloquently and succinctly making the point. This is a rhetorical arrow I gratefully add to my own quiver of persuasion. Without shame, I admit that I will steal this work of hers.

Peruse her always insightful blog.

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