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Monday, June 11, 2007

Those Permanent Bases Of The Iraqupation

I have written before about the permanent bases in Iraq, in February here ("Danger Dick"):
We know [the neocons] want to control the region, we know they want permanent bases. The fact that the locals have turned out a bit more randy than they expected doesn't change that - hence the ongoing slaughter. Be certain that they will have their permanent base - if it means genocide, they'll blame the ungrateful Iraqis and Iranians. If this Congress does not stop them, well, we have not seen the depths of the ugliness to come, regardless as to whether we are beaten back out of the region or not.

...and again in March, here ("Pentagon Insider Verifies US Ambitions", quoting retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwaitkowski):
...However, many in Congress, and certainly in this administration agree, and this is Democrats and Republicans, like the idea that we have gone into Iraq, we have built four mega bases, they are complete...

We’re in Iraq to stay...

I bring ths up because of this Korea Model which is being sold as a "new" idea or approach to the problems of the Iraqupation. There is nothing new about it at all, of course - the White House is just softening us up to accept those permanent bases there, which have been planned all along. Construction began on day one, following Shock and Awe, when the Iraqis were looting the palaces and museums.

That's why I said I wasn't holding my breath on Bill Richardson's initiative. There are too many powerful players in America, in both parties, who are transfixed with the ambitions of Empire and the seductive idea of American Exceptionalism to allow a political solution to the Iraqupation.

I am not a fatalist on this, however. Too many things happened way outside of the adventurers' expectations for this to be considered a foregone victory. Things which went wrong so early in the execution to have put a dangerous wobble in their centrifuge of power. I note with sadness, however, that this means we have a violent failure on our hands, one that could have been avoided if our press had kept the American public honestly abreast of the true ambitions of this administration. The lies have permitted a "solution" of projected power to proceed without the oversight to avoid the manifest incompetence which has lead to this disaster.

For an excellent and detailed breakdown of the history of the "reporting" on the permanent bases, I recommend Tom Englehardt's diligent reporting at
Finally, the great American disconnect may be ending. Only four years after the invasion of Iraq, the crucial facts-on-the-ground might finally be coming into sight in this country...

So, the public may be waking up to what has been treated as tinfoil-hat territory for so many years. Is it too late?

Update: Scarecrow at is on this as well. And please review my post on the Iraqi parliament's vote for the U.S. to get out.

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