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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Living Religion Series

Athiest Eve
Image "borrowed" from The Athiest Community of Austin
I haven't been moved to post on this subject for awhile, but I intend to. In the meantime, I wanted to percolate this series back to the top of the blog for any curious readers.

  1. On Belief
  2. The Self
  3. Discerning Good - Where Does It Reside?
  4. Discerning Good - What Is It Good For?
  5. The Urgency Of The Sacred
  6. Deconstruction And The Ecstacy Of The Aporetic Oscillation
  7. Walking The Walk
  8. On Judging Our Fellows
  9. The Fallacy Of The Goal
  10. Benefficiency And The Blinking Red Self-Bullshitting Meter

More coming (I hope) soon...

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