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Sunday, June 3, 2007


Just like at the town hall at last April, I still like the straight shooting of Dennis Kucinich at the New Hampshire debate tonight, and I grok his world-view.

Anderson Cooper said that while the other candidates tried to be "diplomatic" about the issues raised, Gravel and Kucinich went for "the jugular." IMO, there are a lot of "jugulars" to be got to, and diplomacy is for foreign policy, not domestic. Cooper, of course, consigned this to the fact that they are third-tier candidates who had nothing to lose by being shrill. Not because they were speaking truth to power, no, nothing like that.

Dennis Kucinich will continue to be marginalized by the corporate media, and that's to be expected. I'm a decent guy myself who's inclined towards peaceful and substantial resolutions to problems, but by the current standards of media discourse, I'm a bomb-thrower, too.

No sweat, though. There's a certain someone who approaches Kucinich's honesty that should be stomping in, in about, oh, three or four months...

I'm sorry (no I'm not), but while the other first- and second-tier are saying a lot of the right things, I still smell an unacceptable level of corporate fealty there. (I know that Gore is pretty plugged in as well, but there's something about what he's gone through and been doing since 2000 which is, to me, evocative of something good. A person dreams.)

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