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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Hamsher On Lieberman: Cut. Him. Loose.

Banging Head

This is one of those occasions in which I become melancholy that I don't have a readership, as I would like to significantly pile on the contemptuous, and contemptible, warmonger Senator Joseph Lieberman, Republican-nee-Independent-nee-Democrat. Jane, in an open letter to Harry Reid:
I realize you’re dealing with all that Senate collegiality stuff which is completely meaningless to the rest of us and doubly so to all those who are, you know, dying in Iraq, but it’s time to remember what Democrats were elected to do in November and reclaim it from Dick Cheney’s marionettes. Every time Joe Lieberman opens his mouth he exacerbates tensions in the region and takes a sledgehammer to the Democratic brand. It’s time to exercise some leadership and send a message that Democrats are ready to stop being roundheels for the Bush administration.

Time to make a public example and say “enough” to being held hostage by Dick Cheney’s pet warmonger.

Cut. Him. Loose.

Yes. And there's this, earlier in her post:
...I know that when Democrats recently voted to give George Bush everything he wanted and more for his pet war with absolutely no restrictions whatsoever this move was sold to us as a shrewd political ploy to give the Republicans ownership of the war. I guess this was supposed to drive Bush’s poll numbers into the shitter while the Democrats, coated with some sort of Teflon, could sit there and shrug “well, not my problem.”

Forget for a moment just how cynical this sounded even as the
dead bodies continue to pile up... [my emphasis]

This is the most disgusting aspect of the funding. As I wrote in April:
...By the same token, I hope that thousands more will not die so that one party can gain some electoral votes in 2008 by keeping their rivals branded as the "party of incompetence" by taking half-hearted measures which only pretend to end the occupation, thus keeping it fresh in the minds of voters, come ballot time.

I have tried to think about this with an open mind, but the arguments for providing funding only make sense with the above strategy in mind. And that is, literally, a bloody shame.

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