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Saturday, June 30, 2007

For Those Inclined To Tilt...

Harry Reid
Then-Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, center, flanked by Sen. Charles Schumer, left, and Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., describes his reasons in November 2005 for forcing a closed-door Senate session.
...I offer thee this windmill.
Remember that glorious moment in November 2005 when Harry Reid, then the Senate Minority Leader, forced Majority Leader Bill Frist, et. al. into a closed session in the Senate? Well he's Majority Leader now, and we expect bigger things.
Go sign this petition:
Senator Reid. Like you, we're frustrated that a conservative minority continues to obstruct reforms that most Americans support. We think it's time this minority pays a price for thumbing its nose at the American people. We urge you to bring essential reforms to the Senate floor, and KEEP them there until this minority yields, or takes deserved heat for obstructing progress. We pledge to help you stand up to the conservatives standing in the way of progress!
Not only do we need to hold feet to fire, well, as Digby says:
...the Democrats need to know that their voters have their backs on these issues. This is one way to do it.
If we do nothing, we've got no right to bitch. And we do like to bitch.

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