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Friday, June 22, 2007


Looks like Cheney has another Dick on his tail. Ahem.
I sincerely hope the Vice President will make it clear, in the week ahead, that he is finally going to comply with these executive orders - that he is going to make sure that we protect classified information moving through his office - so that we don't compromise this important intelligence data that keeps America safe...
Yea, that's gonna happen. He's been angling for this showdown since Watergate, Senator Durbin. Although, since things have become so bungled up, he has a heaping helping of additional motivation: Stay out of prison.

Popcorn time?

Update: Christy at FireDogLake on the recent WaPo article by Barton Gellman and Jo Becker:
...What is stunning about the Gellman and Becker report is that people were willing to talk, on the record on occasion, about Cheney. He’s overplayed his hand, and with the end of the Bush administration’s tenure in the White House, a weakened Cheney enforcement apparatus with the loss of Libby, and with the weaker position in which Rove finds himself, I think we are going to be learning a whole lot more in the days ahead.
I sure hope so. Enough is enough.

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