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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Dick Durbin's Fair Election Act

I've gone back and forth over the years regarding public financing of elections. Here in Arizona we have a cobbled version of it, Citizens (sic) Clean Elections Commision, which only adds to the confusion. The idea of using "my taxpayer money" to elect these bastards just can seem so distasteful.

I have come down on the side of publicly funded elections, for reasons oulined in my letter to my representatives, after the link.

Support Senator Durbin's Fair Election Act. Feel free to borrow liberally from my points, below, and thank you, Jane, for steering me to the site.
If we insist upon equating money with speech, and thereby bestowing upon it the nominal honor of the First Amendment, then it is important to distinguish corporate speech from public speech. For the former, a conglomerate of profit-driven special interest, is simply not interested in the execution of government for public priorities, but rather access to the largesse of government power, in subsidies, favorable regulation, and government contract.

While publicly funded elections will probably have its share of unintended consequences, I insist that a bright line between profit interests and public interests be drawn, especially in these times. We have gone too far down the path of corporate/government alliance, and the people are being treated as so much cattle.

It is easy (and correct) to point to the intrinsic cronyism of the Republican Party as being to blame for today's excesses, the fact is that the efficacy of money in elections also snares Democratic candidates, however reluctantly.

Return the voice of government to the public, where it belongs! Please support Senator Durbin's Fair Elections Now Act.

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