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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Does This New GOP Strategy Have Legs?

The best tool Republicans seem to have is to pick a Republican, preferably a beltway insider, and trash him (Tucson's Arizona Daily Star, via Cliff Schecter via Crooks and Liars):
According to the Washington Post, McCain has missed 43 votes, nearly 50 percent of the current Congress' votes. In comparison, Hillary Clinton has missed less than 2 percent of votes and Barack Obama has missed 6.4 percent, according to the Post.

"We need a senator," [State Rep. Russell] Pearce said. "I think if McCain wants to be a full-time candidate and not be at the Senate, he ought to consider resigning."

Asked if he would prefer a Napolitano appointee over McCain, Pearce said: "Even poor representation is better than
no representation."

Dang, they're sounding like progressives now, with the temerity to criticize their own. Good to see that the goose-stepping has gone into disarray. Will they have enough self-awareness to realize that the Democrats' evident lack of "unity" serves a purpose in honest policy debate?

No, I don't think so, either. The difference is that liberal "disunity" is in their DNA and will never go away - naval-gazing, while easily mocked rhetorically, is an essential part of thinking. Whereas this blip of self-awareness that the right is experiencing is merely expedient politics, emerging only when the party machine is on its heels. The minute they can back off from actually thinking about policy and all of that hard stuff, such self-reflection will vanish as quickly as Treasury money before Halliburton.

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