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Sunday, May 6, 2007


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Update: Crooks and Liars' May Book Of The Month: VICE: Dick Cheney and the Hijacking of the American Presidency [emphesis, etc. mine]:
"Dick Cheney exercises all the power of the Presidency. That has never happened. Ever." Says former U.S. assistant attorney general Bruce Fein.

This book, "Vice," explains how he did it and why nobody has stopped him.

Two hard nosed veteran reporters, Lou Dubose (“Shrub,” “Bushwacked,” “The Hammer”) and Jake Bernstein have brought us the book that is a must read for anyone who wants to know why
Cheney is being impeached [delish!] (and also why it should have happened sooner). It’s timing couldn’t be better. Read this book before it’s too late!


What... we see repeated just recently in the Valerie Plame case is that power trumps ideology. This fact is the hardest for some to wrap their minds around. The secret war waged by the Reagan administration was a battle of wills with Congress and the Democrats. When caught violating the law, the administration simply turned around and raised money for their illegal war by selling arms to another enemy of the United States - the Iranians.

The end justified the means.

Power trumped ideology.

That’s also why the Plame affair was so baffling. To get even with former Ambassador Joe Wilson for having the courage to speak truth to power and to cover his own tracks, Cheney went as far as committing treason and outed Wilson’s wife as a covert CIA operative (If his wife wasn’t a CIA operative and could have been smeared for having an affair with a neighbor that probably would have sufficed). The fact that she was actually involved in nuclear proliferation prevention was meaningless to Cheney because in the end, power trumps ideology.

This may be hard to comprehend as Cheney and his gang are perceived to be right wing ideologues and the Bush crowd is perceived to be hard right Christian ideologues. Both perceptions are wrong. And that might be why many Reaganites, true conservatives and indeed true Christians have been left scratching their collective heads.

It seems that these phony adopted belief systems have revealed themselves to be mere smokescreens for their true goals – power for the sake of power.

Go on over and read Mark Groubert's remarkably frank post. That book must be quite a read.

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