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Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Liberal" As Cachet

I'm not namin' names here, and I'm not going to dwell long on it, but I've seen it firsthand and I could just weep with frustration and despair. There are some fair weathers "liberals" out there who are really just doing what they normally do - adopt what they sense are the prevailing winds of what "everybody else" is thinking. I mean, it's nice to see the zeitgeist shifting and all, but sheesh... I have a particular individual in mind who knows what the talking-point description of "liberal" is, has adopted those talking-points (which, ironically and not incidentally, largely consist of how the right has been disparaging said liberalism), and then continues to engage the world from the framework put forth by the right - only this time as an aggrieved "adversary." (No, not you, Q-Man.)

Example: "I'm really glad that they are finally resisting Bush and trying to end the war. But what do you think about leaving our troops stranded with insufficient funding?"

I really wish people took time out to think and be self-aware.

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