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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Kucinich Again

Dennis Kucinich was interviewed by Bill Maher - watch the video here (thanks, again, to Mike's Blog Roundup.)
It is worth noting that Dennis Kucinich is considered crazy by the mainstream media. That indicates that he's a rational man who says what he actually believes.

I would extend that further and say that it indicates the sad state of the American electorate (although, I noticed quite a warm reception from Maher's audience.) This man has the sanest and most hopeful worldview of all of the candidates for the Presidency, and we're just not there yet. And we simply don't have the time to "get there." This is an emergency, and if we spend any more time "getting there," the opportunities lost will be globally catastrophic.

For those of you who do "get it," I implore you to get out there and change one mind.

Update: By the way - supporting a long shot like Dennis Kucinich, in this instance, takes absolutely nothing away from the Democrats' chances at the White House next year. Whoever percolates up to be the nominee will, I'm sure, easily win - barring something unimaginably extraordinary happening. Now, it would be different if he weighed in as an independant after the primaries, and we wouldn't want to "Nader" the 2008 race by diluting votes. But it would be refreshing to see a healthy run during the primaries by Dennis. Hint.

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