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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Dennis Kucinich!

Damn, I wish the guy wasn't so marginalized. The "conventional wisdom" is that he's a lefty nut. Well, he's not. has hosted a virtual town hall on Iraq today with the major Dem primary candidates, and I have to say the most unvarnished intelligence came from Dennis. He's a stubborn visionary with a healthy worldview, and he sure would do this country, not the mention the world, some good.

Imagine - withdraw the occupation, put U.N. troops in place to stabilize during a rebuilding period, provide reparations for the aggrieved population, kick out the contractors and give the Iraqis the jobs in rebuilding, engage in regional diplomacy from the position of having repudiated force as an option for the U.S. Oh, and give the Iraqi people their oil back.

Sadly, the more mainstream, corporatist candidates will bury him.

Update: Chris Dodd sounded pretty good, too.

Update II: Is it ironic that the two "majors," Clinton & Obama, are also the most obfuscating (especially Hillary?) Or is it inevitable? Unless Al Gore steps up, one of these two is most likely to be our next President. Not. Good.

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