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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Withdraw NOW!

Phoenix Women over at FireDogLake, in a post titled "Flustered Cluck," makes the case for immediate withdrawal. It is an ugly one, but that is all that is left. She quotes Evan Kohlman, who believes the opposite, but only has this to offer:
We have to give people a reason to stop supporting al-Qaida. And the only way to do that is to punish the people who are harming them. We have to show that democratic forces can also hold up justice. Right now, democracy for Iraqis amounts to Shiites in control of the police force and running everything. The things that might convince Sunnis to move back in the other direction would be a real step at trying to reform the Iraqi police force, the Interior Ministry, and try and bring some of the individuals in those places, which have committed gross crimes, including crimes on the scale of Saddam Hussein, to justice.

To which Phoenix Woman aptly observes:
…but of course he doesn't propose to show how all of this can be done — probably because he knows that it CAN'T be done.


But Kohlman is probably right about this:
If we withdraw from Iraq right now, there's no doubt what will happen. First there's going to be a war for control of Baghdad and then once Baghdad is ripped to the ground, the battle is going to spread across Iraq. It could potentially be like Rwanda. Right now, hundreds of people are being killed each month, which is awful and horrifying in itself. Imagine if that figure was 100 times bigger. Also, if we withdraw, a widespread war is going to be entirely our responsibility. It's easy to say it's Iraqis killing Iraqis. But nobody else is going to see it that way. Everyone is going to affix blame to us. We will ultimately cause a situation that forces us to reinvade Iraq and create even more casualties. It's an awful Catch 22.

Catch-22, indeed. But let's look at the core of his argument, really:
Also, if we withdraw, a widespread war is going to be entirely our responsibility... Everyone is going to affix blame to us.

Um, Evan - whether we withdraw or not that bloody mess is entirely our responsibility. Whether or not we can "respond" to this "responsibility" is irrelevant. The crime has been committed, and we must accept the shame in all humility (hah! A "humble" U.S. - not very likely). "Everyone is going to affix blame on us." Ya think? Awww - poor, poor us. Whatever will we do? Accept the truth? We can't handle the truth, it seems.

If we don't put the murderous bastards who started this occupation with neocon dreams in prison, then we are all complicit. More so than we already, unavoidably, are.

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