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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Universal Tactic

What do the following items all have in common?

  • James Dobson's "War on Christmas"

  • AIPAC and allegations of "anti-Semitism"

  • September 11th, 2001 and appeals to patriotism

  • Medieval feudalism

  • First, create a group identity, with "insiders" and "outsiders." In James Dobson's case, it is "christians" versus "secularists." AIPAC? "Jews" and "non-Jews." 9/11? "Americans" and "un-Americans." And as for feudalism, it's "our" kingdom versus that other gang that would loot and burn your villages if it weren't for "our" king's patronage.

    Next, "represent" the group.

    OK, we're finished here. The representatives of the "group" are now free to do whatever they like, and if anyone objects, they are automatically "outsiders" who "threaten" the group. They are Godless secularists, anti-Semites, terrorists, and barbarians.

    It's all very simple, really.

    How about we all cut out this group identity nonsense and behave like adults? It would absolutely castrate these greedheads.

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