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Friday, March 16, 2007

Showing Hillary The Door

I've never thought that Hillary Clinton is a good candidate for President. Her tepid and cautious term in the Senate shows that triangulation is even more a religion for her than it was for her husband. I'm glad to see that the left is on to her - it shows a level of integrity not in display in the lock-step right (although I'm pleased to see that pretty much all of the Republican candidates for their party's nomination seem to be having trouble getting traction, like Rudy, for example.)

I'm disappointed, though. While the Clintons were being pummeled by the VRWC funded by Richard Mellon Scaiffe, I found her a sympathetic figure, and it would be nice to have a woman President sometime. Just not her. She has clearly been sipping the Empire Kool-Aid, and I think she wants more.

Update: Hillary's position on the criminal occupation of Iraq may be contemptible, but it's still our own fault (h/t Pachacutec at FireDogLake):
Given all of this, it's clear why people like Hillary Clinton operates the way they do. She believes that blaming the Iraqi government - a government we set up - for our problems in Iraq is a politically useful tool and a substantive policy answer. It's not. It's immoral and impractical. But 70% of the public is with her, and that means a lot of Democrats are there with her as well. And if we do pull out of Iraq, and all of a sudden do have to shut that trillion dollar trade deficit, we will have to build a genuinely new economy based on different legal and economic structures. That's a huge ask, and there was no mandate for that in 2006.

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