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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Oh, For The Love Of...

Howie Klein has done and is doing extraordinary good work with his Blue America project, and he is over at FireDogLake hosting a discussion with one our (sadly rare) fine Congressional freshmen, Jerry McNerney.

I am loathe to give the impression of criticizing Mr. Klein, and I am stating up front here that I am not doing that. But this turned up in his post:
...The dangers America faces from fanatics is not something Bush made up, although it is something Bush screwed up– and exacerbated...

This is a narrative I expect from the "other side," as it were, and should not be uttered by any thinking person. Goddamit, America faces no danger from fanatics. One could argue that some Americans might, but the only thing which has the strength to threaten America is America herself. Which she is doing with great energy at this moment.

"Terrorist" fanatics are criminals - they are not a threat to any government, only to their unfortunate victims on the street. Our government has harnessed a perceived threat against citizens, clutched that threat to its breast as its very own, and convinced a staggeringly large swath of credulous citizens that it must, at all cost, defend itself. Defend itself by putting us in double-jeopardy - the harms of loss of freedom being piled onto the already present threat of "terrorist" criminals.

Please, please, let's stop helping the corporate toadies who have seized the reigns of power in this country "catapult the propoganda."

Oh, and did I mention that the "War on Terror" is 24-karat bullshit?

That is all.

(My apologies to Howie.)

Update: BTW - I do believe that the mantra "The only thing which has the strength to threaten America is America herself," when offered in debate with self-styled "patriots," might cause some satisfying sputtering and stuttering.

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