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Monday, March 26, 2007

A Note On The Edwards

I'm not much of a fan of John Edwards' run for the Presidency - I find his views on the Middle East in general and Iraq in particular to be ignorant at best or possibly even disingenuous. I'm also not eager to continue the ghoulish conversation which is currently taking place regarding his wife's health. But I would like to give the Edwards a philosophical hat tip for their responses to Katie Couric's appalling 60 Minutes grilling. They were a beacon of clarity, and for them to be able to cut through her repetitive bullshit questions with such clarity speaks well to the question of just what sort of President he would make.

The stupidest thing which Couric pointed out was that Elizabeth had a "finite" time here on Earth, and was the campaign trail the place to spend it? Thank you, John and Elizabeth, for schooling poor Katie on the fact that we all have a freaking "finite" time here. Sheesh.

They came across as refreshingly mature, as far as public figures go, especially for a man who is in politics.

Thanks Crooks and Liars, Taylor Marsh and David Sirota.

Update: Faithfull Progressive gets it right, too.

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