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Monday, March 26, 2007

Myopia Is Too Kind A Word

Siun posts at FireDogLake on the perspective of the Iraqi people, and it should break the heart of every American, except perhaps the sociopaths who have pushed the criminal policy of the United States government. There are many links and quotes at that post, so please go review them. But the poignancy of this simple quote from Khalid Jarrar in Baghdad goes to the heart of just how much responsibility we all bear (emphasis mine):
So as a conclusion i have to say: That it's shameful enough, and hurtful enough to say, and sad enough yet truthful enough, that for most Americans it actually requires terrorism that kills innocent people, and resistance that kills thousands of Americans and burns billions of American money, to make them demand an end to an occupation, but still basing on their own losses and not because of the feeling of responsibility or guilt over what they did to Iraq, now correct me if i am wrong here, but there is something seriously wrong with this moral equation here.

Anyone care to correct Mr. Jarrar? No, I didn't think so.

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