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Thursday, March 29, 2007

How Embarrassing

Just great. Like I need Fidel Castro agreeing with me.
Cuban leader Fidel Castro considered "sinister" the idea of United States President George W.Bush to convert food into combustible, saying that if successful millions of poverty stricken people will die of hunger worldwide.

Many people, among the hungry masses of the planet, will die if food is converted into ethanol, said Castro in an article published Thursday by the official daily "Granma."

I said back in February:
I would like to direct the reader to another essay that casts a critical eye on a vogueish energy alternative - biofuel - which is gathering attention, Ethanol Production Increases but is it a Valid Alternative to Oil?. There is a darkly hilarious (to me) quote embedded in that discussion which goes "The amount of grain that is required to fill a 25-gallon tank with ethanol, one time, could otherwise feed one person for a year".

OK - can anyone - anyone! - morally reconcile filling up a gas tank with feeding a person? Alas, we have all become elitists. The horror expressed in the story of "Soylent Green" is but a hollow mock horror. In willful ignorance, we would accept not only the demise of the "useless eaters," but indeed their appropriation to keep our shiny metal boxes snappy and at our service.

Man, it's a topsy-turvy world when a dictator displays more moral authority than our own President. Who is not a dictator. Oh, wait...

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