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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Glen Greenwald over at has a post aptly titled "Dick Cheney's warped vision of the world" (h/t, once again, to Crooks and Liars.) He quotes copiously from the veep's AIPAC speech this week, which is quite the glittering display of boo boo batshit nuttiness, as well as Richard Hofstadter's 1964 Harper's essay The Paranoid Style In American Politics. That is worth a read as well, and it leaves one wondering: And we're still dealing with this shit?

There really is nothing to add to Glen's comments, as I have posted on Danger Dick's paranoia last month here and here.

Oh, well, OK - this quote from AIPAC speech, just to dress up this post with a little drama:
An enemy that operates in the shadows and views the entire world as a battlefield is not one we can fight with strategies used in other wars. An enemy with fantasies of martyrdom is not going to sit down at a table for negotiations.

Ooga booga, Dick.

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