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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Blood In The Water?

The administration of George W. Bush has put the United States on its heels in virtually every important international arena, be it military strength, diplomatic credibility, or its increasingly endangered economic influence. Does this story in the New York Times augur a trend among other nations (h/t Nicole again at Crooks and Liars and The Agonist)?
"In beloved Iraq, blood flows between brothers in the shadow of illegitimate foreign occupation and hateful sectarianism, threatening a civil war," he (Abdullah) added.[emphasis mine]

Saudi King Abdullah's also cancelled attendance of a White House dinner in April. I can't help but wonder if the rest of this planet is coalescing around an idea that the heretefore unchallenged Empire may be weakening? I mean, this is the King of Saudi Arabia, after all - a longtime friend and booster of the Bushies, and a huge consumer of one our country's biggest exports - death machines.

If this is true, it only makes it more urgent that we, the citizens of this nation continue to push to return our government to Constitutional normalcy. I think we all can agree that it would be much more palatable for us to step back on our own, than to be leveraged from without. I personally feel that there is very real danger of that, and it would be very, very ugly for us.

By "Constitutional normalcy," I mean restoring the checks and balances in our government branches, which have been terribly abrogated. The hearings today in Senate regarding the U.S. Attorneys putsch demonstrate this sorry fact. One can only hope that it is not too late already.

In addition to this, I hope that we can move on and do something about the nefarious influence that corporations have built up within our people's government. If not, then this problem will reappear again and again until this coutry is finally and utterly ruined.

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