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Friday, February 16, 2007

Well, This Is Just Très Charmant (pardon my French)

Via Australasion Transport News:

New Zealand may soon be processing its huge excess of lamb fat into bio-diesel.

The Kiwis currently produce 140,000 tonnes of animal fat each year from their meatworks.

United Kingdom bio-diesel producer Argent Energy is investigating, with oil companies Shell and Chevron, a plant to process 75,000 tonnes of the lamb chop trimmings to produce 85 million litres of bio-diesel a year.

The lamb diesel would help oil companies meet the New Zealand government target to source of 0.5 percent of the country's 5 billion litres of petrol and diesel consumption a year from renewables from 2008.

The technology is proven - sheep fat from the Dubbo meatworks in Australia is currently being turned into biodiesel for heavy trucks.

Now do we really want to go there? This is recycling run amok. We desperately need a new narrative if this sort of thing is going to evolve out of the old one. This kind of rational, cool-headed evaluation of available resources to maintain our "way of life" is a slippery slope greased with, well, you know.

I understand we're fast running out of real estate for graves, and cremation adds to global warming and all. Don't make me invoke "Soylent Green" two posts in a row, and my first two posts at that. Oh, sorry.

Seriously, though - market rules says that when the price of fuel goes up, then we'll be breeding for oil. Oh, swarthy oilmen, put down thy power wrenches and take up the shepherds staff!

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