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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Ministry Of Truth

Eli, who normally posts at Multi Medium, is over at FireDogLake with an important post on our corporate media issues. It is a cogent breakdown of the dysfunctional state of major media outlets, and it offers several suggestions to seed a discussion on what can be done about our current problems with the distorted narratives served up for corporate interests. I find three of those to be the most important:
Reinstate restrictions on media ownership. This just sort of dances around the problem. The media might be owned by smaller corporations, but there's really no guarantee that they would be any less Republican.

Bring back the Fairness Doctrine. This is appealing, but would need to be implemented carefully so that losers like Joe Lieberman and Joe Klein aren't allowed to represent the "liberal" side of any issue. If we can be assured a steady diet of Cliff Schecter and similar liberal attack dogs tearing Republican throats out (um, metaphorically speaking, of course), then I'm all for it.


Pushback. Just like the Republicans swarm like angry bees whenever they see a story that displeases them, we can write letters, send e-mails, make phone calls, and post blog entries. Sometimes the media take notice and change course, sometimes they don't. I haven't been able to determine how they decide when to react and when to ignore; I assume they make a conscious or unconscious calculation of the benefit of leaving the story unreported or misreported vs. the risk of having their dishonesty exposed.

I think this is the most important issue we face, one which affects everything else. How are we to be expected to make informed decisions if the press tilts Orwellian?

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