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Friday, February 23, 2007

Living Religion I: On Belief

Belief is of no use whatsoever to me. To whatever extent it takes ahold of me, it is to that extent that I am blinded to discovering the truth about anything.

What is belief, after all, if not but a stale paradigm which owes nothing to the actual? Regardless of how closely a belief matches what is true, it is necessarily limited by its own boundaries, and at best paints a simplified caricature of its object. Any serious person would admit that when presented with what is true, then any beliefs about what is true are of a lower utility than that which is actually beheld.

It follows then to ask - why have any beliefs at all?

The only answer to this which approaches sensibility would be to argue that they are perhaps a comfort, a reassurance that one is not pitched into the sea of chaos without at least a hand on the tiller handle, and an eye on the North Star. Fair enough, but I am a deconstructionist and I hate metaphors and I will damn this one by saying the North Star is an arbitrary star and you can steer all you want to, but you are not going anywhere, buddy.

You're already there. It's not directions that you need, it's observation.

In follow-up posts, I will discuss the self, observation, and the urgency of truth. Among other things.

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