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Friday, February 23, 2007

Dick's Blankie

Indybay posts about our intrepid Vice President's "security blanket" during his Australian junket that his wife sent him on (sorry, couldn't resist that):
Several blocks around Cheney’s hotel are being been shut for the four days, and city streets are being closed whenever
Cheney’s convoy passes through, causing traffic chaos. Police and traffic authorities have urged motorists to stay out of the Sydney CBD, warning that “significant delays” will be caused by Cheney’s itinerary, which is being kept a tight secret.

For three days and nights before Cheney arrived, army Black Hawk helicopters buzzed the Sydney CBD, ostensibly for counter-terrorism training. Several residents contacted newspapers to complain of unbearable noise. One reader told the Sydney Morning Herald: “We are ... being buzzed by huge noisy helicopters flying probably only about 20 storeys up. [Five] times in an hour—we can’t hear TV, we can’t talk on the phone.”

Ah, such a light touch Mr. Cheney has. I am reminded of his post-Katrina visits to the impacted areas (to "help," of course), at one point frustrating a local physician who was struggling to return home amidst the gasoline and food shortage issues. He found himself blocked by the VP's security entourage, engines idling no doubt, and had to drive out of his way to get to his residence, wasting precious gas. This fellow, one fine American, he, was moved to approach the press conference photo op and turn Dick's Senate profanity on itself and shout the now-famous "Go fuck yourself, Mr. Cheney."

Also from the World Socialist Web Site via Indybay:
...hundreds of police and other armed personnel have been mobilised to prevent ordinary people getting anywhere near the vice president.

I am sure he is just avoiding any more unscripted carnal suggestions.

And finally, I recall sometime ago (I can't find the link, dammit!) his refusal to eat at a local restaurant. A real man of the people, Dick is. Makes Marie Antoinette look like Mohandas Gandhi.

Of course, this all makes sense when you believe you are (with some justification) the most hated and feared powermonger on the planet. And he is most likely very aware of what is happening to the food supply for we "commoners."

Yes, I suppose I would choose to travel with my own mobile Green Zone as well.

Update: Scarecrow at FireDogLake discusses Dick Cheney's Honor.

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